Saturday, June 27, 2009

Challenging The Untouchable - Well Done Sarkozy

"It will not be welcome on French soil, we cannot accept, in our country, women imprisoned behind a mesh, cut off from society, deprived of all identity. That is not the French republic's idea of women's dignity."

With President Sarkozy of France stepping into the front to challenge the most avoided truth about the burqa, it is time we all accept that and agree to talk about it.

In the first instance, I must disagree that this is a ‘religious intolerance’ issue, neither is it discrimination nor dictating to the women concerned. The logic is simply straight, if you can see my face, I want to see yours. It therefore simply becomes a matter of social inclusion, acceptance and respect by all and for all. Or would it be conducive for all of us to live behind masks? The woman behind the mask want me to tolerate her; does she tolerate me? It is unfair and becomes quite irritating. The simple question to ask is: if you want others to accept your religious beliefs (if), do you accept others’ religious or irreligious beliefs?

I have always maintained that in my own propriety, I wont engage with someone behind a mask. It is an utter nonsense that someone can masquerade themselves for not festival at all and wish others must put up with it. How sure would anyone be it is the same person you are dealing with every next day?

I think that comparing the burqa to religious items such as the turban, crucifix, etc, is as foolish as comparing time-travel or witchcraft to real-time physical travelling to live destinations. Foolish, isn’t it? Political correctness in this case has gone just too idiotic.

But as Sarkozy rightly put it, "We must not fight the wrong battle, In the (France) republic” (and the world I add), “the Muslim faith must be respected as much as other religions."

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