Friday, June 05, 2009

The Backstabbing Labour Members

One thing the Labour party has done well so far is the holding together in the centre and all round since the problems that be. That strong bond has meant that the opposition have found it difficult to penetrate. But recent events are giving them ammunition to re-launch.

Among all the resignations flying about, I think Hazel Blears’ and James Purnell were the most blinded and foolish ones. They are also very egocentric. Blears took monies she shouldn’t, so turning around to proclaim she is going back to the grassroots is a whole bunch of bollocks. She should have waited for the sack than trying to play smart and paint the Prime Minister bad.

James Purnell, on his front played the same self-centred game. But even worse is his silliness of asking the Prime Minister to stand down. To show how much his uncensored wisdom is, he did not consult anyone at all to reach his decision which in turn shows he is too narrow-minded.

But I think the Prime Minister would survive this or lose it not because of these self-centred people but because he will take the right decision when appropriate. Any leadership contest now will guarantee a lost at the next general election. And the surprise result will be that people like these backstabbers will be rejected by the electorates who trusted them because of their party. All eyes are on Labour now and her followers are hoping and wishing that Labour will continue to hold on.

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