Monday, May 18, 2009

UK Parliament Expenses Row... Any Other Approach?

I think Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg is making a big humiliation of his leadership reputation by diverting the expense row on Speaker Martin. Since this is an issue that affects all MPs, the ideal resignation, should involve all of them. Another option, which will be more mass-oriented, is to de-select at constituencies any who had in anyway milked the system.

What I find more disgusting is the fact that everyone blames the system… those accepting and making up for it shows good responsibility towards their mistake.

On the other hand, we all jump up to blame the MPs … how many people out there claim travel, etc, because its there even when they clearly don’t need them. MPs are not infallible and therefore more humane understanding should be applied. Those shouting should also scrutinize themselves personally.

The expenses row isn’t inspiring and neither has the judgement. The Prime Minister seems to be one of the few voices that has spoken sense. It’s about finding and implementing a lasting solution not just sacking or suspending people because the next sect of ‘possible opportunists’ would use the system in another clever way.

My only regret is that corrupt under-developed countries would hang more medals to their chest on this and become worst. I am sure Mugabe is paying great attention and laughing.

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