Friday, May 08, 2009

Imagine What It Costs To Buy From BT.

Thursday April 30th: I called BT to reverse the cancellation on my homeline and have it transferred to my new address, not surprising enough, the Indian based customer service agents told me that is completely impossible to do. Well, they claimed that it is in the hands of another department. Can I speak to that department then? ‘No; customers cannot speak to them’. Can you speak to them I asked; ‘No, they will say that it is impossible’. Damn!

I called back again and luckily (do I sound thrilled?), a UK based CSA picked, she said the opposite. This is reversible and I will do it for you. Done. Call back in 24 hours to place a transfer order when this is fully activated. Great!

Friday May 1st: ‘No, transfer can’t be done because your line has been stopped’. Bugger! Explain? ‘Not quite’. Yesterday? ‘I think she the job wasn’t finished’ or something like that. Marvellous!

New line then? ‘I will pass you to the sales department’. Beautiful!

BT Salesman on the phone took details, refused that my old account can be used because it will also close after some days since the line on it is gone. Cool.

Tuesday May 5th, ‘Order not found’. ‘Are you sure you placed any order?’ Glorious!

System was poked with different details but I was made to understand nothing exists in my name. Miraclous!

So, after spending hours on a chargable number on my mobile, I was told it is in vain. Back to square one. So I used the internet to place a new order for a new phone line. Received a ‘confirmation email’ with BT RECEIPT NUMBER’.

Thursday May 7th Forty-eight hours later, BT online order tracking insists I need a ‘REFERENCE’ number not receipt. Stressed!

Back to the phone. Again, no order was found in my name, post code, address, contact number provided, date of birth, former address, etc. Blimey!

So, again, a new order has to be placed. My old account is still operational even though Salesman said it wouldn’t be. And a new order can be placed and added to it. This was done. And there I was given my new home phone number… but hang on; no dance yet. Caution!

I have to wait minimum 3 working days for activation. Part of the caution is that the number is ‘subject to change’. Really?

This is my one good week transaction to stop a cancellation order or transfer an old line to a new address or buy a new line. But I wont be surprised when BT wins the ‘Best Service Provider and Support Award’ at the end of the year. Imagine!

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