Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good Intentions That Produced Bad Results

A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two weeks in the world of politics. Although they were all aimed for good, they turned out to be evil or ill-managed and presented.

The first was the waste of resource that Mr. Obama portrayed during his trip. Taking with him his American life, he was able to make an extravagant trip with 500+ entourage and all that was reported. For a man who should lead the way in changing politics, he fall foul in this and I do not smile at it especially at a time like this when most people, even in his country cannot afford food due to the economic crisis, it is completely an astounding waste.

The G20 protesters cum rioters in London did not remain the saints they were supposed to. While they are dedicating themselves to fighting for all, violence was the least that is needed at this time. Unfortunately though, the lessons are never learnt.
Sadly enough, the MET police in trying to keep the peace, ended up being accused of sending someone to rest in peace.

Then came the earthquake in Italy. Very sad but while the victims are enduring it, Italian Prime Minister could not but set his sense of humour loose and made a blundering statement. To think that a leader would say that victims of natural disaster who has lost their life acquisitions are comfortable and lacks nothing is the most foolish thing to say. But well, it goes back to say we have rulers, not leaders.

Anyway, good intentions always don’t produce good deeds.

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