Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gay Marriage Row At Miss USA Show - A Good Lesson For Leadership Aspirants

The above caption in the news yesterday - although addressed as row by some - is entirely wonderful and encouraging to the gay community, our friends and families.

It goes a long way to show that it is time when those aspiring to leadership position or other areas of public responsibility show a sense of tolerance, support and acceptance to the diversity of a community and the world.

Until this becomes completely entrenched in our world, leaders will continue to abuse their followers and misuse the power invested on them. Gay people have the right to marry as long as it is between consenting adults. It is an entirely private issues and people have got to learn to respect others' private and personal life decisions.

Ms. Carrie Prejean might have learnt it the hard way, but nonetheless a lesson she will forever remember. A biased or microscopic-perspective individual should not be allowed into areas of role model. Such a myopic and narrow belief would not be impartial in delivering leadership.

I praise those who voted or judged this contest for their bold step. They have helped curb eccentricity and alienation of a target group. We live in a diverse world and it has to be appreciated than ridiculed.

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