Thursday, March 26, 2009

US And Other Governments Have Even More Blames To Acknowledge

It’s good that America, with the new administration of Mr. Obama, is beginning to behave humanly and accepting responsibilities as well as acknowledge blame. Mrs. Clinton, just made this clear in Mexico. Excellent.

I urge the United States to look further inward; there are more blames to share, if not to completely bear. Yet, not only America but most other developed countries. Therefore, same should be said of the popular fraud system invented by criminals from my country, Nigeria.

It is time to say to those who fall for those scams that they should share the blame. That it is their greed that is fueling it and that it is their wanton hunger to reap, not just what but also from where they did not sow, that is keeping the scam alive.

So, the insatiable appetite for drugs, and the gluttonic greed for money, the excessive desire for endless material things, all are creating problems. Until these people be made to know that they have a responsibility, until they are put in the same blame seat as the perpetrators, these crimes will continue to flourish.

Obama’s administration and governments should not just take political blame but must implement policies that quell or minimalise these issues.

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