Friday, March 20, 2009

Why we must all do God - Tony Blair Is Wrong!

Tony Blair’s article in the New Statesman of 19 March is one of controversy. His advice was so superficial. Surprises me he doesnt see that more than one religion means different belief and belief systems? Yet he promotes that different religion, hence religious differences, bring us closer; bollocks.

Mr. Blair went on to drool us in statistics; Africa of 10 million Christians in 1900 is 360 million Christians in 2000; compare the wars/tribal dissect/riots/lootings/etc. It mirrors the growth is confusion.

But then, the grand question remains: Is there (a) God/god?

Since we each have different inclination/belief as to the existence thereof about this entity/theory, isn't it best we keep it to ourselves? When you do God/god, which would you do? The God of the Muslims which is intolerant, or the God of the Christians which is dictatorial, or the God of the Pegans which is immobile and need to be fed?

God is a theory because it is a product of man’s thought. No one has ever seen God and there is no evidence that it exists. I submit that we all have the right to believe what we want so long as we don’t decide other people’s fate by it. For one thing I am sure of; considering another person as unsaved because s/he does not subscribe to your religion or type of God/god, is in itself wickedness and hatred.

God/god is not universal. Tolerance and love and respect for one another are.

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