Thursday, March 26, 2009

Should We Not Think Twice?

If Fred Goodwin and his ilk do not want to turn this society into hatred and vigilante society, he should re-think.

I am not in support of violence but if what happened at his house is what it will take to bring people like him to common sense, then it is completely ok.

Those who earn as little as £20k per annum are losing their jobs only for one man to have £700k for keeps when not even working. He is just being greedy.

Has he thought at all that RBS is operating and able to pay him off just because ordinary peoples’ money has been used to prop it? I agree he took RBS to great heights, but for what we have seen, I wonder if that was not fake considering the crash.

So, let the violence continue on him. Those ordinary people who has lost their jobs and yet sit to watch their tax contribution being siphoned must not sit and watch when they cant afford any comfort.

If people like him are yet to realize, violence is the only weapon of the oppressed. And they are instigating it; no hiding will save them.

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