Saturday, March 14, 2009

Protest Against Returning Soldiers

I think that is absurd and doesn’t make a lot of sense. As much as I do not agree to war in Iraq or anywhere else, I do not think that soldiers who are involved in rebuilding these countries deserve insults. And as I have always argued, Iraq and the like can, if nothing, celebrate freedom of speech since this wrongly approached war/meddling.

And for those who think Iraq is being damaged, I am sorry; you are not brave and outspoken enough. You were then when Saddam was riding shod on Iraqis lives and did nothing. Actually, it was then that most of you fled. Why didn’t you attack Saddam? Why didn’t you raise your insulting placards? It is double standard that you don’t stand up to those who you should but you bully those who you can have constructive debate with and where you have a huge amount of opportunity to make a peaceful difference.

I therefore staunchly support conservative MP David Davies’ call for a ban on such insulting protests against serving military men. The houses of parliament should debate and pass this law to protect men who have served their country at the peril of their own lives. Protection from cowards would not be too much to grant them.

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