Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pope Need To Be Educated...

Oh well! The pope has spoken. ‘Condoms is not the answer to fight against HIV and Aids and could make the problem worse’.

I don’t have a problem with the pope’s opinion on condoms. It’s a free world (supposedly) and he has his ‘personal’ right to say whatever he deemed fit; well; although to a certain extent.

But for a man who is in a position of leadership, common sense means that his opinions are not just personal but political and carries authority.

The only problem here is; how can a man who do not and is not supposed to have sex advice those who do? It’s inappropriate. That he has chosen celibacy – again, his right – do not mean we all should. I congratulate him on his non-existent sexual life, but for many others, it’s not a choice we want.

While he maintains abstinence is the way, the pope has failed to understand that abstinence isn’t what we are talking about. This is because abstinence means no sex. But since no sex is almost generally unachievable, then use a condom. We are talking about something that is happening not something that doesn’t. His approach is like telling people with no food to eat something. Eat what? Condom is saying to those who have sex, to have it in a safer way; simple.

The pope needs to be educated on the issue because he is entirely out of track.

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