Sunday, March 08, 2009

Northern Ireland & UK; Together, You Are Stronger. Dont Fall!!!

The seeming return of terrorism to Northern Ireland last night has raised a lot of questions and bettings and pessimisms. But looking at it optimistically, I would rather it is detached from terrorism and even the past disturbances that ended years ago. This is so as not to focus strength on it which will provide the regard it requires to become big time business again.

What the perpetrators of this crime have just done is an attack on peoples’ ways of thinking. And if fallen for, they will get their way and have the courage to follow it up with another, etc.

The best thing would be exactly what the people in Northern Ireland did today; join their hands together and show that they have come over the worst ditches and gulfs and that nothing can divide them again. The coming together of Catholics and Protestants today to have one worship service is a good a example of that.

This tactics will work against and win any type or level of terrorism. The enemy would be confused and retreat if s/he noticed that the people are determined not to fall apart.

Let the people and residents of Northern Ireland and all Britain keep this atop of our mind: together, we are always stronger.

Condolence to the families directly affected by the loss and injuries.

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