Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Lost Futures Of Our Generation

Karl Bishop was today sentenced to a life imprisonment with a 20 years minimum tag. Listening as it was broken this morning, I couldn’t but weep for such life that could have been a great if he works as hard. If he has dedicated same level of energy he employed in crime… only if he had.

But its another life wasted.

I reviewed the list of all teenagers killed since January 2008 and you can only ‘cry for a beloved country’. For each of those young future stars, there ‘is’ a contribution lost. For each of those promising young men and women, there ‘is’ huge useful impact that we will never again get. And this left me wondering…

In 20 years, each of these slain young people would have been making a great impact in the world. To their loved ones, immediate families, friends, communities, state, if not entirely to the world directly or indirectly.

But can we change things? And I believe we can. We may not completely wipe out crime, but we can reduce it to a minimum. It is our laws that stand against us. With young people brought up to know their ‘rights’ but not responsibilities, more doom may be in wait. With discipline erased from upbringing, our future could be harder to endure.

And this is the consequence: young people without feelings hence weapons have become toys. But once we go back to teaching our kids their responsibilities; duties of regard, for lives; respect for others, being part of and contributing to the community, sharing and knowing that the world is not made of an individual; only then can we begin to see a change.

But for those we have lost, it may be a direct heavy loss to their immediate family, yet we all bear the mark. Of insecurity and fear of our own environment and young people.

May their souls rest in peace.

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