Friday, March 27, 2009

Lack Of Awareness, Not Promiscuity Spreads HIV

I want to disagree with Gary Streeter (Con, Devon South West) that promiscuity is the main cause of HIV spread (see Men and Aids under this link). Although Mr. Streeter did go on to mention that public awareness was "absolutely vital", his initial suggestion are rather secondary to the later.

For anything to succeed, I think knowledge plays a great role. Promiscuity can spread HIV but only if the promiscuous are not very aware. Therefore, I suggest that a person who has the awareness about HIV, may be promiscuous and not spread the disease than a person who is not promiscuous but lacks awareness.

As Mr. Streeter did not say, lack of awareness is rather the core and true cause of HIV spread. And the government has to begin to develop ways to work with communities on HIV awareness as it is vividly clear that lack of the knowledge of HIV, the scientific developments for cure and the prevention techniques remain the core cause of stigma and infection.

A recent survey of young people between the ages of 16 to 24 re-enforces this.

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