Friday, March 27, 2009

Gay Cure Therapy In 21st Century UK Is Unbelievable

Michael King’s findings that ‘Gay Cure` therapy is still being used in the UK is a complete disappointment. For a society as advanced as this, it is an eyesore that there are therapists who still make such attempts.

While human beings are not fashioned according to the advancement of their particular environment, it is still appropriate to think that a person’s immediate community would have a direct impact on their actions. Thus it seems that therapists in a country as advanced as United Kingdom would be of higher enlightenment than such as apply therapy to insinuate a cure for sexuality.

I am gob-smacked at such and wonder what the government is doing to protect such abuse of gay peoples’ right. Legislations need to be developed that stops such violation and provide protection of the affected especially for those who are forced into the situation by relatives. Sexuality is a personal affair and as such, decisions regarding it must not be induced or influence.

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