Friday, February 06, 2009

TopGear Jeremy Clarkson's Folly

Jeremy Clarkson has disappointed some of us who enjoys his freaky talks on TopGear with his recent disregard for disability.

I think that Gordon Brown is one of those people we should praise who has defied their disability and built ability. For Jeremy Clarkson to make a jest of such very sensitive thing about Mr. Brown or anyone in particular is more foolish than any other he could have. Calling Gordon Brown a liar is ok since politicians get called all sorts of names especially when they hold key offices. But using a deformity that’s on his body is entirely ludicrous and represent no sense for human dignity.

The only thing Mr. Clarkson has to be aware of is that while one still lives, anything may still happen and we have no control such. So, just to remind him, he might still loose an eye, a leg, or even his ‘brilliant’ mouth. But I wish he don't.

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