Monday, February 16, 2009

Power Drunkenness - The Worst Single Evil Of Our World

Why are human beings always power-drunk? Why do people, once in power, lose their common thinking? How can we really find the cause behind power greed? My heart bleeds for this single act that plagues man; from east to west. It is same in all sphere of life.

What is it that rules the heart of human that always makes us think that we are so so so good that it is only ‘I’ but no one else. Looking at the natural world, with all our inventions – and mind you, man has done well – we are still infested with a lot of narrow minded persons. Unfortunately, these people are not of any particular class, dynasty or orientation yet the same mental ill-health affects them once in a position of power.

No particular religion would be singularly accused of influencing this because even this is a core and strongest evil of all religion themselves. Since they all claim to be right and the ‘only’ way; as if there is a destination apart from death.

Mugabe wont leave power; Hugo Chavez is clawing on; Obasanjo of Nigeria was shamed out; Putin is still not letting-go and still very much in control. Saddam was only forced by the use of greater powers, even every American president always runs for second term and would go further if allowed. In Britain, Margaret was deserted, Tony bowed to expression of ‘no-confidence’, Brown is now the ‘only messiah’ or we perish. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya... and the list is endless. Yet, when you compare, these people all came from different religion, educational background, family class, etc.

But what drives these people and makes them think they are the long-awaited saviour – although we are sure there isn’t any saviour, let alone coming. But the same egoistic error has been made since world immemorial and yet none of the previous ‘all-knowing best-qualifieds’ has left their followers satisfied nor solved the world's problems. So shouldn’t the present ‘bests’ learn from the past 'bests'?

Anyway, thank goodness they are not in-charge of the air. (???)

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