Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Barclays Profit Real and Truth? Government Please Verify

Is Barclays telling us the truth or just trying to keep business going? I think with recent developments that has brought fear and trepidation to the rich and mighty while leaving the poor and less-privilledged mashed and squashed; it might be worth the government verifying the accounts and audits of Barclays to save us more sorrows.

As we have seen and still experiencing, I do think it will take good time to rebuild the trust in the financial sector again; not after the Madoff and Raju spin off that digested billions into excreta. Recently, heard of Northern Rock wanting to give bonus, even RBS. As the Chancellor has correctly said following Obama’s proposal to cap take-homes, the general public is also entitled to know the real truth behind these accounts as evidence abound now to dissuade any sensible person from accepting just figures.

I bank with Barclays and have always loved her, but trust has to be given evidence for what is going on now and proved. The government must not fail the populace by turning its back onwards.

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