Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Equal Rights Is When Some Dont Wield Power Over Those They Disagree With

Now I was thinking,

Who the hell is the pope and all others who try to decide what life should be; for sex, family, love, marriage, etc?
What the hell gives these people the idea that their thought and religion and belief is ‘the right’ one?
Why on earth can they not see their own tyranny and the vividity of evil in their ideology?
How for fairness sake can they keep believing in a god that is the product of their mind and thoughts instead of believing in themselves?

I am thinking;

Damn them all uncountable times and may the torture of intolerance they create dwell in their domain.
Freedom is the motto and freedom we must attain.
And freedom only is when wicked men like these respect the right of others to choose their own life as it pertains not to them.
To hell with them for thinking righteousness and doing evil through dictatorship.

Tell them; go and tell them that I said;

As it is their right not to have sex, so it is our right to have sex.
As it is their right to read whatever crap holy book they chose, so it is our right to read our memoirs.
As it is their right to wear dresses, so it is our right to wear pants or whatever we chose.
As it is their right to be naturally celibate, so IT IS OUR RIGHT TO BE GAY.

And highest of all tell them;

that we will not fight them but the hatred they have for us will torture their pursuits for ever.
That we will not touch them but that our peace and calm will continue to baffle them.
That we will not avenge them but that the failure of their religion will convince them.

Finally, remind them, that no matter what they do, they cannot change or re-make nature.

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