Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David Cameron: The Loss Of A Child

Having children is sweet and even taking care of and living with them is sweeter; coming home and finding someone innocent who would have forgiven any earlier offence; who would welcome you back with an open-mind regardless of any feeling. Really, children are sweet to be around.

It therefore makes me imagine the pain of a parent who lost theirs. And thinking of it, the longer you have lived with that child, the tougher the loss. And where that child is one that needed extra care, love and attention, you may also find out that you are very strongly attached to him/her. This is not to say that such a parent is prejudiced to other kids but that an ill-health context creates these things. Bonding therefore with this child is inevitable.

As I read of the loss of David Cameron's eldest, my heart cannot but think how terrible the family must feel at this time. It is a loss that will forever remain in their heart as the love they have for their child Ivan would be yelling to provide him all the support they can, through his lifetime.

I wish them and all other parents similar situation strength to bear their loss and wisdom to move on.

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