Friday, February 06, 2009

BBC & Carol Thather's Case: Further Eroding Of The Human In Us

I think the BBC is wrong to sack Carol Thatcher for a private comment she made while labelling it racism or what-the-hell-ever they think. I do like the BBC a lot; well, just like most other people but this is an affront to friendship and banter.

This is completely a political correctness gone too far, and one of the rare things I dislike this society for. We have gone to the point that people are afraid of sharing jokes just so they don’t become objects of cheap political brevity and heroism.

What so much as to baffles as well as worried me is that the “golliwog” tennis player has not complained. Same goes for the whole Prince Harry’s ‘paki’ affair lifted onto the podium. The said ‘paki’ did not complain in 2 years since the affair only for every damn toothless political stray to jump on it as that’s the only sort of thing they can find to indicate their existence.

I do think Carol Thatcher should make no apology, conditional or unconditional. And if need be, should only say it to the person affected. People should be allowed to be human and not objects, we all call or get called names by close pals. And being in the public eye should not stop people being human with their close friends while keeping the ‘set up’ personality we want them to be in public affairs.

BBC should apologise to Ms. Thatcher for making her private life a public affair this time.

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