Monday, January 05, 2009

The Political Suicide Bombing Within The Conservative Party

In what seem like a complete U-turn today, the mayor of London dropped a most dazing bombshell… something akin to a political suicide bombing to his party, the Conservative. In his newspaper article for the Evening Standard, Mr. Johnson, promised more investment, “. . . to invest our £5 billion housing budget”.

The article titled “If we work hard we can make London safer, fairer, cleaner”, encouraged Londoners to be strong and optimistic in the recession and turn the card to our own good. Good advice if you ask me. But the knife to the throat is the keywords he used, “We can't just blame Gordon Brown for 10 years of profligacy”.

What made this stance even more outstanding is that on the other side of the river, on the same day, David Cameron was laying out another one-out-of-a-millionth endless versions of (taxation) policy. And for a man he personally got involved and campaigned for to the mayoral seat, it is completely befuddling that such a striking difference exists in their policies, even for a party. The Lib Dems said the plan was a "fake giveaway."

What has always not trust the Tories’ leader even though I admire his zeal and youthfulness, is how much unstable his stance can be. I mean, even the silliest lunatic can tell he changes like a chameleon. Today he is saying yes, the next he is pooling out and jumping the fence. As much as I do not (or try to) understand the damn credit crunch because I surely believe it to be a huge economic fraud by the stupendously rich to tighten and control wealth, I think Mr. Cameron should learn to be stable. What stands out the iron lady is her strong stance on issues. Or is Cameron the only one that does not know of the famously resounding “No! No!! No!!!”?

A leader is one who makes decision and stands by them but who listens to his people and ready to make amends. Instead the Tory leader uses the commercial approach style that says “Newly improved”. But something can only be new or improved (old). Where does he stand? Is he new or improved?

Within the economic crisis, Boris Johnson has joined the prime minister to give a message of hope and real stance that it can be faced. And that we can achieve even more for a better tomorrow. Thank you Boris.

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