Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Beautifulness Of The USA Presidential Inauguration

Ok; I have just decided to watch the USA presidential inauguration earlier than I hoped. My initial plan was to watch the main handover and the new president’s inaugural speech.

First I must accept and support the first statement the Fox reporter made once I found this Irish website that is streaming it live since I own no TV. His statements were that it is such an overwhelmingly peaceful day when compared to dearest Bush’s inauguration 8 years ago when there were various protests both for the alleged rigging of election, et al.

One thing that struck me though is the way that everyone wore black; mhhh… But Mrs. Obama wore olive. It immediately sent me a signal why ceremonies by whites are always boring but highly organized which is better. While blacks put up colourful events but extremely disorganized; and this I hate to subscribe to.

But hang on, Mr. Bush Snr. and his wife, although quite aged, dressed colourfully with violet scarves. Oh and tough and amiable Mrs Hillary Clinton too – if I was a lady, she is the one I will subscribe to her sense of fashion… especially her hairstyle; God bless her. The young Obama girls too; colourfully dressed in blue, and the younger in pink. mhhh…. oh, and not forgetting, Dick  Cheney did it again. He is on wheelchair… he seem to has always wished to kill himself while on this job.

What would one say? This is quite touching. It is not about the blackness of the new touch of colour to the white house – besides, should it not be renamed ‘White-Black House’? – its rather about the unity that is visible. It is about the oneness that my generation is continuing to push on. Inter-racial marriages, friendships, connections and togetherness all are on the increase. But still, my fear is the opportunists who wouldn’t let this go because the make gains from it.

God bless America, God bless the world, God bless God. Well done America.

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