Sunday, January 25, 2009

The BBC Is Right: Both Israel And Palestine Are Equal To Us All

The issue of Palestine and Israel has not only been one of physical violence, it is now and have itched to become an emotional one too. This problem, unfortunately, is happening far away from the scene of actual suffering, rather itin the is United Kingdom. The accused? British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

From my perspective, it is a sullen regret that people are rather driven by joining the bandwagon than being sincere about this physical violence. And by this, I must stress that in this side of the world where we most likely prefer to appear as good people, we are actually causing more trouble by taking sides than being neutral commentator and render our celebrated help discreetly.

The violence in the middle east benefit no one in anyway; not in Israel, nor to Palestine; and definitely not here in the UK. On the other hand, regardless of how many people that died in either side, life is life and are worth same. Whether Israel lost 1 person, or Palestine lost thousands, all those lives are very precious (to all of us) and no one of them is more important than the other. For that, we regret that we lost them.

On that light, the BBC is absolutely right for the stand they have taken and I am in support of it. What rather distraught me is the way most people hijack the control of BBC by claiming that license payers want this or that. If anyone is being sincere and want to know what license payers think, then a referendum should be conducted so that all license payers bare their minds. But for a few to assume the mouthpiece of millions of license payers saying we all want the BBC to broadcast a certain thing is in itself silly, self-centred, dictatorial and thus are worst than the perpetrators of the middle east violence.

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