Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As The Product Of Nothing Took Charge Of Something

It happened at exactly 17:05 hours GMT when Mr. Barack Hussein Obama took the oath and became the 44th president of the Unite States of America. For the second time, like on the minute he was declared the winner of the election, I wept.

I wept, not because of the over-riding colour clamour that that has been sang along; no. Not because of the racism that has been trumpeted; no. But tears ran down my cheeks because this is just glorious.

Who would have thought? Who would have dreamed? The arrival of this man seem to have countered all norms that existed. The son of a woman left to fate; the child of a poor immigrant man. He came from no where to somewhere. If a mixed race would have been a president, one would have expected him to come from one of the rich families who have minded or been part of the power minders. But here comes a man from no dynasty… but it is vividly clear something beyond the material must be his strength. Yet, for man, the mortal, the weak, it is a business of one day at a time.

And so we wish Mr. BHO wisdom, strength, accurate intuition, selflessness, and hope that at the times of tough decisions, that he will find strength and grace to make the best choice. And so may it happen to all the leaders of the world.

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