Thursday, November 06, 2008

Let This Lead Us To The Neglected Daily Histories.

History is made everyday; we should pause and consider. For that child that dies of malaria in the midst of wealth. For that person in Zimbabwe who scratch hard earth for food and eats root. For that man who is denied things he has the ability to do because he is thought ineligible. For that human being who dies with HIV while governments waste money. I can go on and on. These are neglected history. They cannot be celebrated, but they are not noticed either.

In the United States of America, history is also made daily: when people are put to electric chairs and killed; when especially poor people die of their illness for lack of health insurance; when many are denied justice and locked away in prisons including Guatanamo Bay, these are histories but uncelebrated; unnoticed. For the same sex adults denied their personal rights to spend their lives together and live out their life… these are histories; they are neglected.

May be now things would be as expect in the blessed America. For an American president who could not only mention gays but in his victory speech, may be, these histories will be noticed, corrected and celebrated. May be we can begin to record all history.

America, its time you live out the completeness of what you claim to be: land of opportunity, of liberty, of possibilities, of democracy. Time for those gay men and women to have the liberty to live their lives; time for those without access to healthcare to get help. It is time. And the whole world waits to see if the change expected will be mild with no noticed impact or strong sweeping out inequality and neglect and denial.

But shame to those who voted Obama because he is black and shame to those who did not vote him for same reasons. Martin Luther’s words; “… not by the colour of skin, but by the content of character” would mean just that.

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