Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America Bangs The World With Another First - A Black Man In A White House

Since the freedom of America from colonization in the 18th century, she has not stopped to surprise the world. She has thrown up many firsts and has continued to overturn issues that seemed customized with the world order.

From popular world snack stores to huge search engines to first women priests and not to mention handing down computers to individuals and all what not. The United State of America even at this age seems not to slow down, and looks set to foil even more surprises on every generation. They simple take the lead. And today, once again, America has re-enforced its place as the inventor of amazing things. As the founding fathers has sought and insinuated, she has remained the land of liberty and opportunity. That liberty and opportunity unfortunately always comes in big bangs while the tiny important ones are left unseen beneath our feet.

Although I would argue that Britain remains more liberal than America but the United States tends to throw its liberty in big shots once in a while; which today, even though that African-American were still regarded as strangers considering not too long ago in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina knocked New Orleans underground and the unconcerned response of President Bush sparked a row of race-lenient arguments, it seems a different America.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama, receiving the votes of majority of Americans hence became the idol of another bang of surprise on the world. The first African-American to step into the White House as the landlord. Thus in less than 2 months, the words of Robert Kennedy, exactly 40 years ago becomes completely fulfilled and implemented.

But this is the high evidence; yet the issue of race division in the world is still far from over. My concern is that we all get carried away with this type of milestone occurrence and continue blindly in the plague that will hunt us forever. But will equality ever be achieved completely?

May be, in another 40 years if too fast. Congratulations Mr. Obama.

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