Friday, October 10, 2008

Global In Suffering, Separated In Reaping And Sharing

The present hype and fuss about the world economies is so strong it has left us all gaping. Our TV screens are flushed with newscasters saying nothing but money markets, our ears aren’t getting any solace from the radios; and talk of the paper media, the whole things seems to be just unavoidable. The whole problem lies in the fact that no one, not even the most highly places economist or accountants are able to give an assurance of the after effect.

Nonetheless, the above aren’t the main issue on my mind. What baffles me is the reality of the ‘global village’ term effect. In this uncharted stormy and muddy ocean of financial crunch trouble, the entire world is suffering. Prices are going high and values are dropping fast. And redemption is coming from the poor to the rich via collective tax monies. Thus a story my late mother told me comes to mind: “the rich only realizes the importance of the poor when the need for a rickety basket arises”; I use to think it was a feel-good story.

The term ‘Global village’ is a word I have always felt is a farce; and yes it is. All along, it has always been reality where everyone has to pay dearly. But in what it should matter, It is a term that has fostered unfairness. Unfair trading that deny development to the less developed while enriching the developed. It is used to encourage oneness only for the gain of the developed world but continues to deny equality for the under-developed.

In a former entry, I asked why it is a global ‘village’ yet some of us are denied free movement within the ‘village’? But of course, we all vividly know the reason for the term. Poisonous goods produced in the developed and dumped into poor countries, weapon supplied to gorilla movements to cause mayhem and create more plundering opportunities for the developed world; crude oil ‘bought’ for almost free compared to the ship-back price of the refined product. And on goes the list.

Regardless, the drought is here and we all face the dance. At the end, the rich, developed countries will have more credit being serviced by the poor. It is a global financial uncertainty but will never be a global freedom of movement, equality or access to good life. Wonder why rebellion will not stop.

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