Sunday, September 07, 2008

Poverty Is Eternal; Tell Archbishop Tutu

Today Archbishop Tutu made another case about the quarrelling Anglican church. In his speech, he said the church should do more to alleviate poverty and stop bickering about homosexuality. Well said; but is that a reason to overlook homosexuality? No.
The archbishop also said he suppose God is weeping. But that’s also wrong.

On poverty, I think the church has done a lot and seems to do more than any other religious sect. The Anglican church’s Church Missionary Society(CMS) did a lot in alleviating poverty in Africa from the beginning and the entire church is still doing more. Although it is not verily so in the church the missionaries left for the indigenes. This is where the righteous Akinola may miss heaven for. The levies on church members in his holy churches seem to interpret heaven is for the highest bidder.
Secondly, poverty will never leave the world anyway. People can be satisfied but not become wealthy; even their bible says the poor must always exist. The world has always missed it. If we want a good world to live in, we should try to implement justice and fairness. The poor will survive as well as the wealthy.

About God weeping; well, that is alright if it does. But I don’t think it does. God would be a wimp for doing that than working. But God don’t really bother. I think its rather laughing its arse off at our squabbling and wondering what a bunch of idiots we are.

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