Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bush and Macain.

With no doubt, it is glaringly clear that George Bush isnt in tune – or in concordance rather – with his party’s chosen supposed successor. They had barely shown public agreement and on opinions, apart from war and greed, they differ in very many things; well, not even totally on the war side too.

As a sitting president, he would have been seen campaigning with for his party, but the president seem quite oblivious of the on-going poli-tricks and seems to have distanced himself from Mr. Macain; but Macain on his own, seem to ignore the president.

While this appears to be an internal strife, the outward evidence has been quite a broken interaction between incumbent and his expected successor. And while the Republican Convention would have been an opportunity for them appear on one platform, fate played a good role to hinder that. They both seem to have enjoyed and appreciate that. Bush was quick to dismiss the convention which obviously he didn’t want to attend so as to stay out of the Macain business; thanks to the hurricanes. Macain on his part, must have sighed a relief.

If Bush can help it, I am sure he will vote any other person but Macain it seems. But what is the hidden issue.

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