Thursday, September 04, 2008

America's Presidential Election - Macain and Obama

The contest first set out within the two strongest American parties. But the torchlight has remained on Mr. Obama making him the most popular contestant and also making American politics reverberate in the remotest part of the world.

The Democrats didn’t help, or rather would be said to have ignited the ferocity that has seen 2008 presidential election heated like none so ever. Fielding both the first mixed-race (although his blackness is mentioned more) man and also a woman, they drew the attention of the entire world to watch with shock what the well known conservative country will do. Obviously, what we have today is quite contrary than should have come from America with her embedded moral standards.

Today, very unbelievable enough, the ‘black’ guy is a presidential candidate and in the fore-front. This is not the issue. Rather, the issue is that this has destabilized the entire race putting a strong character like Macain into enormous confusion and under great strain.

Macain still stands a chance when things are brought into reality but Obama’s stardom is already kicking against him because the present world is more focused on celebrity than on substance. So, it will now take a miracle for him to win this.

On the other hand, a radical change is exactly what the world needs now in all aspects. Macain seems therefore to be fighting for his life like a drowning man. Instead of campaigning, he is constantly throwing punches on Obama. Picking a ‘young’ ‘woman’ for running mate isnt just another of such avenue to keep afloat, its also completely unconvincing of, if at all, how much faith he has on himself.

Now to be clearer, I am not against a woman; not at all. Palin seems a successful politican but its still not convincing that Macain picked Palin if not for style. And now, the boat is rocking with America checking her out on morals although that will not stand long enough because, in the age of celebrity which we live in, morals has been thrown to the wind.

Macain tried to bring a woman to woo those who want a woman – hilary; he also brought a young person for those who want a young person and worried about his age. He is rather playing more financial than political business in this game and Palin has brought in what he lacks – charisma.

But we all are watching. I have my likes for both candidates as well as my dislikes. It’s a hard choice but I don’t have to make it because I don’t live in America so it doesn’t matter who they vote in. If it matters, then Bush was a very wrong choice although I like his crazy personality.

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