Monday, July 07, 2008

Women For Bishops; Another Dilenma In The Plate Of Anglican Church.

The Church of England or better put, the Anglican Church is at it again. This Church never ceases to mesmerize me at the rate it does not seem to be in peace or agree easily. Nevertheless, I am not completely or totally surprise as I have mentioned in past writings, that this is the supposedly fate of her since she was found in rancour.

Henry VIII’s clever manouvering of papal authority is today portrayed in the sorrows that have bedeviled the great church every step of the way. And do we see any solution in the near future? A Church cursed with liberalism continues to suffer from freedom as if it was a gag. The disobedience to and the striping off the authority from Rome has continued to be replicated over the years. First it was the monarch, and by now, we are living with an Archbishop that has no power at all thereby leaving the church with obviously no leadership.

While the Church continue to battle the issue of homosexuality, the consecration of women bishops is now a threat to dampen that and upgrade Rowan William’s headache to a migraine. How soon they deal with this, would determine what fate faces this sickly grown-up child Church from now on.

All these delicate issues require no sitting on the fence. If the Church, and Christianity in its entirety is to live up to what her legacy preaches, then there isn’t any argument whether women can be bishops or not archbishops. Yet, from this point, it is totally confusing what is or not correct.

Jesus did associate with women, but according to the records left, - seen so far – there was no woman among the official twelve. Wish the guy (Jesus) himself wrote something down anyway. But the Bible is by no means clear on these issues. While the notorious controversial Saint Paul wrote that all are equal in Christ Jesus, the same Paul wrote that women ‘should submit themselves under their husbands’ which fanatics will argue talks of marriage and therefore use it to uphold their homophobia, yet in a better, clearer and general text, the controversial apostle said “But I would you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the HEAD OF THE WOMAN IS THE MAN; and the head of Christ is God” (1 Corinthians 11 verse 3). Now this is completely contrasting for a man who said to the Romans that everyone is equal.

All religion debases women. But Christianity which seems to have been the most adventurous stuns me when it keeps upholding inequality in this form. I think that that it is time we agree that human beings are completely the same and that religion is man made. The Church of England, as the forward moving institution, should approve this and set an example to her fellow traditional Churches that such can be done and we can only face this changes and get on.

As the General synod votes now to accept women Bishops, the next question is how long before it becomes reality. Now back to the issue of gay priest. What vote?

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