Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gene Robbinson is Both Brave And Selfish

I listened to the interview of the American Gay Bishop on BBC World Radio Service a few minutes ago and would say he is a brave man.

I have always considered him so because of the battle he has embarked on forcing himself on people with different views to accept him. As a gay man myself, and a former Christian - an Anglican of high degree; if like the Apostle Paul, I will boast so - Mr. Robbinson's insistence on the church accepting his interpretations of the Bible is totally selfish.

First, the Bible is clear on what it said, 'man must not lie with man as does with a woman', etc and all the other six which he can identify. The issue to people like me then is: is the Bible written by man or God? We know the obvious. And this also brings us to the arguement, if he insist that the Bible isn't fixed, how legitimate is that book and the other Holy books? Thus he is also guilty of the same accusation that they all, interpret the Bible to suit themselves, etc.

I left the Christian faith because my belief ran counter to theirs in very many ways, including my sexuality, and my opinion is that one must not belong to a group he is not welcomed to. Christianity is not for gay men except gay men with inferiority complex. Gene should review his pursuit and ask himself, is this really the group for me? His pursuit is simply the same as a Christian insisting on Islam to accomodate his views of faith and interpret the Quoran otherwise or the other way round and vice versa.

I do believe in God, and that God understands me the way I am and our relationship works out though nothing in the form any of these religions see their own God. Gene Robbinson is brave in foisting himself on Christianity and selfish on insisting it should accomodate him. People join groups because they have same opinion, focus, aim, ideology, etc, And if a man or woman wants to join that group or belong to it, that person must have and believe in and agree to same or go form his own group and let this other group be. What I ask from Christians, Muslims, Budists, and all what are, is to respect my right as a man to live my life as a gay man with whoever I chose and agree to that with. I think we each have our rights to believe in what we want and follow it so long as it does not trample and infringe on others private and personal rights of existence.

Gene Robbinson must wake to this fact and respect himself to leave the Christian Anglican Church alone and stop being an impediment on her way to its suppose kingdom of heaven. I am glad of his bravity to raise the issue, but I am wary of his selfishness to argue blindly.

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