Thursday, July 24, 2008

David Cameron's Bike Stolen

I commiserate with Mr. Cameron on the loss of his 'old friend' - bicycle. As an everyday cyclist in London, I understand exactly what one's bicycle means that cars dont. Yes, because my bike is my most important possession and I always feel disjointed without it.

I have once lost a bike, and also had one damaged by an accident. I can imagine how David felt when he stepped out the supermarket and not find his dear 'old friend'; although a means of travelling would be readily available to complete his journey. But I felt same on the day at Wood Green when I stepped out the bank and mine was gone.

Crime isnt what any one man can stop. It happens to all of us and our tackling it must be positive instead of vindictive. What I find funny though is how that Mr. Cameron appealed to have his bike back as if it is that easy. Except and unless, this is staged, and if not, I would assure David he is dreaming... I know many other cyclist in London who has lost a bike and none, and I mean, just no one has ever got their bike back. I do also hope Mr. Cameron experience the amount of letters and leaflets the Metropolitan Police will send in his postbox in the next few days.

I can offer him my spare one to repair and use. Its just a little over a year old bought new but hampered in my recent accident.

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