Monday, July 14, 2008

A Cordial Relationship Between The Predator And Prey... How?

The new government’s policy in response to the spiralling situation of knife crime is a huge joke when looked at from the point of offenders visiting victims. Nevertheless, one must not forget to acknowledge that the government and all stake holders are working exceptionally hard to curb this new frenzy but this particular clause and approach lacks conviction.

First, this visit would be agonizing to the victim… On the other hand, the offender may see it as an opportunity to finish his/her work. Or else, use it to infuriate his poor victim in so many ways. And when taken into consideration, how many victims of knife crime survived in the recent spate of this curse that has befallen us? Did the government also add that these offenders might have to visit morgues to see the corpse of their victims? And what? Rejoice, be given an award? What for? For me, jail them.

The problem remains that this society is going downhill. Since that day in the early 80s when respect was sold for children rights to discourage child abuse, it isnt a surprise that this is happening. When tagged, these are the first generation of the products of many who were never disciplined and who in turn themselves do not know how to discipline their kids.

Britain should realise it has to go back to the foundation. Politics will not solve this problem. Not the Labour party, not the Tory, the LibDem, nor any party can solve this problem. The Church cannot, the Mosque will not, and all the Youth Centres and Programs are a waste of time and resources as long as violence and evil among teenagers are concerned. These young ones lack proper home training, they lack decorum, they lack a sense of essence of life. They have rights but no responsibilities. They shout at their parents, they jeer at those who want to correct them. They do not know the inputs that yield output, let alone the processes. And to tell you what, those kids in India working in factories making clothes for Primark are much desirable to be with and are more humanly wise than these crop of rampants here who lack any sense of regard for anything.

Unfortunately, we are still sleeping and relying on out theories of consultations and ignoring the truth. If not cured, in 10 years time, we will be walking the streets with even greater fears. Imagine 4 lives taken in 24 hours in London only? I pray my life is not cut short next as these blood suckers lavish in their bloodthirstiness.

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