Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Advice To Jehova Witnesses

"In reference to countries that require all citizens to show up at the ballot box, the Watchtower has explained that "[w]here Caesar makes it compulsory for citizens to vote … [Jehovah's Witnesses] can go to the polls and enter the voting booths," but the Watchtower did not specify what Witnesses should do with the ballot paper itself.

... Probably they could just empty it and shuffle them together. Or what else?

Perhaps, Jehova Witnesses should accept that it is fine to go to fulfill your civil duty in helping to decide who runs your local governance. Your choice may not win but that too, could be because your one vote denies them victory. If you vote, you're more likely to get the type of government you want than by not voting at all.

If the Jehova Witness can go to the polling station and enter the booths in a place "[w]here Ceaser makes it compulsory...", what stops them from doing it where it is not compulsory?

This is not to subscribe to the compulsory voting participation like the one in some countries but that if it is that easy to, and looking at it from an objective point, individuals should contribute. That objective point would something like imagining that you should have a say in deciding who your class captain is but at the same time, respecting what the majority thinks while diligently working peacefully in the background to ensure that your 'righteous' goal is achieved. 

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