Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Listening Labour Government

Well, what can one say? Human beings are obviously insatiable and hard to be pleased. Yet the sign of an about-turn by Prime Minister Brown’s government on the tax issue is one that is worth applauding.

While Nick Robbinson of BBC hammered on the turn-around as a sin during his interview with the Prime Minister, it is glaring that Brown has played his card well this time. At this crucial times of elections, I would think that there is nothing more important than for a government that listens. The underlining effect of this surpasses any mistake that might have been made for introducing the high tax rate during the budget.

As I have continually said, the Conservative party really need to check her approach. The present Labour government has specialised the art of countering her varying attacks and this increases the lapse of their hope of ever getting back to No 10. Mr. Cameron’s hurdle lies in the fact that he lends his weapon to his enemy to use. What the hell does he keep thinking? That fine words and a show-of-Eton-grammar would get him to his ambition? I wonder.

Creating refined beautifully insulting words like an old hag is purely and completely utter pettiness for a man that aspires to a high status as to be Her Majesty’s chief servant. But for the present government, this singular act, if and when executed, would re-write its name in the good book of the citizens. But we shall see, May 1 election will reveal the effect.

Well done Gordon.

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