Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Issues; And my Personal Opinion

Today as I looked through the BBC website, I read another story of the human evolution continuing. Quite intriguing one must say, I wondered what we, or well, the human of the next century or two will look like. Anyway, since I am not one to keep calm with my thoughts, I voiced my view out. And guess what, I got an instant answer from my partner: Robots. I agreed.

Being something I have ruminated over in the past month or so, the issue of evolution has come to appear as a complete farce; yes it is. My reason: if we evolved from chimps, how come there are still chimps; and why didn’t chimps (our former likes) evolved along with us? That’s one arrant nonsense, let’s talk of the next.

It’s this global warming stuff; it’s actually getting on my nerves now. Anyway, it is the issue of the time. Again, I don’t believe in it no matter the evidence. The damn old earth must, - like chimps evolving into human, - evolve into something since according to the scientists, it has come along billion of years. Well, even we change as we age; compare my idol, Elizabeth II of 1957 and of 2007…

Thirdly; I am really sorry for Britain. I live in Britain, although I am not a Christian, it is a pity to see what goes now for Christianity in a country that evangelised the world; isn’t it a sorry state when schools are removing nativity plays from their events, councils are replacing Christmas carols with, well, God-knows-what, morning prayer assembly are being removed from school schedules, etc. I thought that welcoming strangers (immigrants) means accommodating them peacefully, not giving up your own faith; but no, the reverse is the situation here. And yet, the nations are engulfed on the unruly behaviours of the young generations… it’s just the beginning of the abandonment of the foundation of this country. The younger generation lack direction, identity and yea, they are bewildered. Political rightness and a longing to be a secular state, has robbed the dear nation its identity. So when I listen to people talk of Britishness, I wonder what they mean even though it is quite obvious they can’t define it. Anyway, I can define it: Britishness means nothing. Or to be kind, it means Denial. Britishness evaporated since after the second world war I suppose

And now, God bless the Queen. You know I adore her, so when I watched the third part of the on-going BBC documentary on the royal family, my admiration of Her Majesty bloated; just for the simple human behind the title.


Anonymous said...

I guess "Britishness" in the sense that you appear to define it evaporated with the advent of mass immigration from the 1950s onwards.

godwyns said...

I disagree. America has experienced more immigration than Britain and remains the most diversely made-up country, yet her ways remains. Your argument upholds my second definition: Denial!
Since after the second world war, most countries has seen immigration grow, but not loose their identity.

Anonymous said...

It's a false comparison, since the US from the start was always a country of immigrants, it was never a mono-culture, and therefore always had a multi-faceted identity.
It's different in Britain, since we had a very large influx of immigrants in a very short space of time. So I don't the comparison with the US is fair or particularly helpful.
I wonder how many European countries would agree with your statement that none of them have lost their identies since mass immigration.

godwyns said...

Well, Germany has an almost free entrance until about 1992; Portugal has done amnesty for immigrants on many occasion; and the British population has less than 10% migrants according to National Statistics report published December 2005(http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nugget.asp?ID=1312&Pos=1&ColRank=2&Rank=480). Yet, thess migrants have contributed a lot in the country: they mainly kept the health service working when the country ran out in the '80s until the early 21st centuries.

Anyway, I am not writing about migrants and its improper to redirect the issue in discussion to such blames instead of finding solution.

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