Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stockwell - The Messy Job By The Police

Listening to Sir Ian Blair, the London Metropolitan Police Commissioner, it is quite simple to see that the death of Charles De Menezes is a very sensitive issue to us all. I think praise should be given to United Kingdom, from the smallest to the greatest for such openness and dedication to justice for this particular issue.

I am just one year younger than Charles and I do commiserate with his family for the lost and must acknowledge than one never knows the depth of such lost until felt personally. Obviously, no one outside the family can quantify the pain the family is going through and will continue to especially for this incident. The young man does not deserve to die, but fate, or whatever it was, has been ill towards him on that day. Looking at the events and the entire processes surrounding it, one cannot argue that it could have been anyone, even me. And from that point, it would also be appreciated that the job by the police is a very difficult one as such, we cannot feel exactly the regret they (hopefully) have for such a mess.

A lot of people think the police should go to jail (so saying…), or that Mr. Blair should resign, but I think differently though I accept that it was a messy job. Looking at it from various possible happen-able perspectives, there wouldn’t have been any less messy occurrence. In such a job as the police does, - which I will find difficult to sign on to – seconds and micro seconds really matter. They are humans and will never remain spotless. But lets tamper justice with mercy and hope that appropriate lessons have been learnt and be careful not to demotivate them from the tough task they are faced with in this days of terrorism, etc.

No one is perfect and mistakes occur in various ways. Ian Blair resigning his job might not prevent whatever looms ahead, which we cannot tell until it happens. Our individual prayer should be for us not to be the victim to whatever thing it be; suicide bombing, police mistaken shoot, traffic accidents, fraud, armed robbery, factory accident, etc. may we be saved from pre-mature deaths. Amen.

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