Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Reason - "My Strength And Stay"

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down the same aisle again after many years? How lovely to know that not only has it been for good times, but it remains through the rough, tumultuous and even critical points. No wonder in the most rare times, the description was; “My Strength and Stay”.

Marriages come through times; of change, of celebrations, of re-alignment, or re-adjustment, of compromise, and many varied other issues. To keep through it and remain intact, needless to say in love is only for the very tolerant and willing; and not only that, but the humble.

Many people who know me in person (and even those who read my blog) always wondered why I’m a big fan of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, but the answer is purely simple: she is a woman with dignity, dedication, and humility. Although I do not know the queen nor have met her in person, my admiration of her stems from the simple fact that regardless of her exalted position, she has gone through it with such humility and self-respect that makes one see the artificiality of the so-called celebrities cum stars. And as the queen and her lover of decades celebrated their 60th marriage anniversary yesterday, I ask myself; can this be me?

Prince Philip on his side cannot be said to be less dignified. For men, it is obvious how stormy it could be to be married to a woman not only in power but in a revered position. And so one can agree that it must have taken him restraint, courage and sacrifice to always be seen behind. But such is love. I admire him a lot for it. So when the queen described him as “My Strength and Stay”, it is vividly clear that she don’t only appreciate his support but she adore this wonderful man.

Once more, it is time to wish this noble lady the best and like Rowan Williams pray, that their marriage remain blessed forever. God save our Gracious Queen.

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