Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cheap Bullying Wont Help The Conservative Party

For months now I have not been able to post anything to my blogs due to many hurdles on my way via my computers all behaving badly. But today, I am forced to make comments as the election arguments reel in the polity and the media.

It’s a shame that the Conservative party has to employ a cheap bullying tactics of lies to demand election in Britain. For all we know, first, Britain never elect a Prime Minister. Rather, what we get is that a party is elected and that party gives the country her leader – only voted by the party itself – to sit in for them as Prime Minister. So when David Cameron keep going on about Gordon Brown not having a mandate, it shows the more how cheap he can go to argue idiotically and such shows his lack of leadership qualities.

Secondly, election in United Kingdom is nominally Five yearly, so when the labour party changed its leadership, it should change the norm since an election is not entirely at their whims and caprice to foist on all of us. An early election also will be denying the party her 5 year mandate given just over 2 years ago. It is we the masses that can call for an early election not the Conservative or any other party.

Thirdly, I think Mr. Brown’s response to the election saga is quite intelligent for a leader. Even if he was going to call for one, the rancour of the Conservative party should not in any way acquire that.

Well done Brown. Whether good or bad, sit in there until its time. I’m sure Cameron will be pushed out soon by his blind party.


Anonymous said...

There's only one person who decides when elections are called in Britain: the Prime Minister. It's entirely his or her prerogative. So it's not true to say that it's "we the masses that can call for an early election", nor it is true to say that "an election is not entirely at [the governing party's] whims and caprice [sic] to foist on all of us", since in practice the PM decides in conjunction with the governing party.

But aside from that, you have misread the situation. It was not Cameron who created the issue of an early election, it was Labour who hyped up the prospect of an early election, openly briefing the media, solely to play politics and destablise the Conservatives. This tactic backfired on them when polls showed they would very probably lose an election held now, as the overwhelming media coverage criticising Brown and praising Cameron shows. Your take on the situation is the polar opposite to the prevailing media and public view.

godwyns said...

Yea, I might have got some things wrong especially on the bit about who calls elections, etc; and I appreciate your correction on those, thanks.

Having said that, I must remind you that the basis of my write-up and which could be seen clearly is that Cameron is beign nasty and too personal about this issue. Calling Brown names and fuming like a haughty child is absolutely uncalled for. It is simply as if David has other issues with Gordon which I hope isnt so, but he (Cameron) looks like determine to rubbish the man's character by any means, either by record or otherwise.

In three months, we can see how tactical Brown had been in handling terrorism (which welcomed him to office), floods and foot and mouth, etc. It is unfair to blame or praise politicians solely but so far so good, Brown has done well.

He managed the treasury so well for 10 years and gave us all low inflation, thats purely felt and seen by you and I. He is the man who spearheaded debt forgivennes for poorer countries and we all saw him engage world leaders in pure real life discussion prior to Gleneagles. Wasnt Mandela fascinated at such character which is rare among politicians?

But what can Cameron boast of in public office? If you follow politics very well, you will remember that in 1992, he was an adviser to Norman, then Chancellor, during the ERM, interest rate went up by over 4% and over £10B was spent hurling defence for the pound. You may defend him as not being the Chancellor, but he was part of the team. More??? His best record so far is delivering well memorised PR speech about what he (obviously) will (not) do if elected. Believe me, if you are old enough, you will be wise enough to take a politicians promise with a pint of salt.

For all I know, David is not a good party leader. Check the health of his party since he assumed office; it is in doubt if you dont know. The party is changing direction every minute and the leader behaves like celebrities whose aim is to catch the cameras only. I think this job is more real than being a hollywood star or league footballer. Put him and Charles Kennedy up, I go for the later even if he is with indefinite hangover.

Like one metro reader wrote, "Brown is a man of substance..." (defintely), Cameron is a man of straw.

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