Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anita Roddick - Another Loss, Especially To The HIV Sector

Sometimes I wonder if the world is ever set to be alright? If she is ever ready to be calm? Can there ever be solace? Would we ever find the happiness and peace we crave? To all this questions, my answer is Doubt.

The above questions I believe would have been, unswervingly or obliquely, the reason behind religion. And to say it, many years since the invention of this self-righteous pursuits, we are yet to the get to that promised all-mighty happiness and peace. Never mind, it keeps some with something to do.

At every step as the aging world moves, one epidemic or another, wars – cold and hot, tyrannies – direct or indirect, etc attacks her. The HIV one has been nearly the most unfathomable. But we are determine to live; and so arose many soldiers of charity to combat it in any way possible. Among them was Anita Roddick.

Mrs. Roddick, like many others, Elton John, Bill Gates, etc, regardless of her wealth, waded into that murky water trying to save, to help, to aid, to support, to encourage, to build; and she did a wonderful job. But like I wrote about Lucky Dube, yet again, the good ones never last.

She didn’t die of the Hepatitis C which she has lived with for decades, but brain haemorrhage. For us in the field of HIV, it is a great loss. It is one irreparable. It is a huge vacuum and which there might be no filling. She was a wonderful woman. Although I don’t know her in person, but her work speak for themselves.

She will be remembered ever dearly for her inputs to find solace for the ones affected with HIV especially for her work with Body & Soul which has children as part of their mission. Also for Hepatitis C Trust; Anita did a lot.

As she passed on at the young age of 64, the gay community, HIV sector, Hepatitis C, and numerous other charity work Anita was involved in either by voice or action, will miss her forever. And the questions on the lips of all that felt her humane activities directly or indirectly will ever be like the ones asked in the beginning of this text:

Is there hope at all?

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