Saturday, October 27, 2007

Adieu Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube was gunned down on the 18th of October within the community he has lived. As I read the news on BBC, I couldn’t but feel a loss of such a man who has preached peace, unity and love through his lyrics.

I play Lucky Dube’s work every time and at work in Scope Charity, many young people has been quite happy with it that I have more often written out the star’s name to consider myself a marketing link. I love his tunes and his lyrics are what I call music as a medium of passing on messages than what we have now in my generation when young artists repeatedly mumble 2 lines full of sex and curse words for longer than any reasonable person would be happy to listen to music with so much noise that I ask myself what it is with them and what their mission/objective/aim is.

His death isn’t welcome news, not for Lucky nor any other person. Lucky sang with zeal and gusto, sending out clear concise message with a voice that reaches as if to the sky. He sang about South Africa as much as about the world. But as always, the good ones never last.

May his soul and the souls of all others who have passed into the world unknown find rest and to the families of all the victims of crime and violence, I pray for strength to bear it.

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