Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recycling in Germany

Arriving Leipzig last week, I was really open minded and expecting an ‘absolute nothing’. Unlike many people, I never go anywhere with expectation of what to see and do… etc. But there are always a lot to.

Anyway, as we did the orientation on the first day, I was surprised to notice that the supermarket did not have any bags free or for sale at the check out. The cashier did not help in parking shoppings either. At first, while we were in the queue, my mind found it a bit slow to understand this until we were paying.

With an effortless gusto, my friend loaded everything in his bag while I watched mouth agape. It was also then I noticed there were no bags – my brain instantly left its UK philosophy to realise why everyone was loading their shopping in their bags.

Prior to that, Markus had also stopped me from disposing an empty plastic bottle of a drink I bought earlier. It was also at the supermarket that he put it into a machine and I got a 15cent reimbursement, which the cashier took as part payment for our shopping.

Now this makes me wonder; do people making laws in the UK go to Germany too? Someone has got to implement these styles here. Since arriving on Wednesday, I now go to the shops with my own bag. Why not try it?

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