Sunday, July 15, 2007

The BBC And The Royal Slip...

The recent slip-up by the BBC on the Queen has been put up as a mistake. While they think they have succeeded in winning the hearts of their viewers and going unblemished, some things seems quite out of string in the whole affair.

From my perspective, the issue wasn’t all a mistake not to say an honest one. But deep within, it seems a pure statement of the struggle to rubbish the monarchy and prove its ‘supposed powerlessness’. Such resentment is being increasingly introduced in various idiotic way which always point to disregard and contempt for the institution. Quite true, individuals have their right to express opinions, but I do not think such should be actualised by framing others or snooping on them regardless of what.

Far from my loyalty for the Queen, my opinion is about fairness and treating others with respect. And as such, I think its high time people call themselves to order and accept that none of the members of the royal household prayed to be born into that family? I think its time they be protected by such laws as homophobia and racism because being born into a royal family, is same as being born white, black, gay, etc, and a host of other attributes one cannot determine nor have control over.

The media company, RDF itself, should also be ashamed for such unprofessional presentation. A good correction would be for the BBC to discontinue all contracts with them at least for a year as this one amounts to so much irresponsibility. Being a multimedia student, I do not agree on such editing whether in or out of sequence as an amateur 1st level student wouldn’t even make such; the reason seems so doubtful. Since editing involves going through captured video, cutting off and rearranging them where needed to portray the right logic, it thus appear foolish to blame it on “out of sequence”. I think there must be a better excuse than this one.

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