Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another David Cameron's Blunder

When the Tories went to their internal polls to elect a new leader in 2005, although I had been a labour supporter, I favoured Mr. Cameron thinking as a young man, he will be able to beat Tony Blair in the way he sees things; but that has not been the case.

Like a young person, David Cameron has taken to an unsteady style of leadership which always see him taking decision against himself and portraying the Conservative party as a party without focus nor even direction. Like a teenager, his only success so far has constantly been in leading a group of people continuously round a sand mound in the middle of desert instead of looking for a way out. Today saw him doing same again with his damned tax policy.

His latest tax policy, which he was puffing up and making a speech for, sounds so foolish because while it was seeking for favour from the parents, it totally blamed innocent children for being born by single parents or unmarried couple. As against that, what any government should focus on are the young ones, especially the poor ones regardless of who their parents are. Can someone tell this young man that we are in the 21st Century and life isn’t as it was. Not all of us wants to be in married relationship and marriage does not depict a loving relation either.

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