Monday, May 14, 2007

Why Holding Madeleine

When I look at the face of Madeleine McCann on TV day after day since she was stolen, I can’t but ask myself, why is she being held? Such an innocent child, harmless and cute as she is.

The whole world has joined to demand her return and I am no different. And not only her but of many others being held against their fate and wish, my heart reaches out to them all.

Over 8 weeks ago, Alan Johnston of BBC went missing in Gaza and the whole world is still asking for him, his family is devastated and his poor old parents are heart broken – not what a parent deserve at such age. But not only them, his colleagues, friends, siblings, and yes, it has also got to us, by-standers as the continuation of this wickedness seems directionless and you never know who it will be the next.

Please, whoever is holding this sweet young little girl, do consider that this child has committed nothing. Say your need, but let this child free. Not only does her parents need her, she need to grow up properly herself. She needs to live among her own people. She needs to groom with her known acquaintance not with a sudden stranger. Please; please; whatever your grudge is, let this innocent soul go. Let Alan Johnston go; and let all the people held for no fault of their own free. PLEASE DO.

God be with Madeleine, God be with Alan, God uphold your families and all of us as scared and affected by this ill-wind of terror.
Thanks also to all those who have lent not only their time and affection to this family, but their wealth also.

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