Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sentimental Judgement Of A Friend...

beautiful_sky: i read ur blog today. you have a serious chip on your shoulder about muslims and islam. what that guy said about the prophet and modile phones isn't even an intelligent argument. hwo could you not see that?!

The above is what a friend who reads my blog said about the posting that saids 'I think it makes a lot of sense'. Being a muslim, he find it unintelligent and accuses me of having “a serious chip on my shoulder about islam, etc. Makes me laugh out loud.

My concern is that young people of his age will think the way he does. Doesn’t that put him in the tiny minority that paints Islam bad? By the rate my friend goes on about Islam, I won’t be surprised if he becomes a suicide bomber some day… God help him. Below is my reply:

As against your sentiments, I have nothing against Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or whatever they are called. If I have anything against anything, it is against religion in its entirety and form, no matter the name. But again, I am too liberal to think it wrong as I see it as a form some people use to get by in their lives. What matters is for them not to use it to trample on others' right of existence by scrambling that they hold the sole and only access/license to God; nonsense.

As for what they guy said, it is simple and straight-forward. He only pointed out the simple kinds of human errors that keep throwing our world into the mud of disunity. You need no (worldly) scholarly understanding to see the truth. There is no need to equate it to/with intelligence as it is a simple truth. Truth do not need your philosophical theories and that is why it is bitter.

I think you need to let go of your sentiments to see the truth. He wasn’t even against Islam in his saying. Instead you are the one being fanatic in seeing that as unintelligent; awful.

My blog on the ARCHBISHOP (sure not an Islamic title/rank/position) of Nigeria didn’t get your comment because it is not Islamic and so you don’t think I have a thing against Christianity...

I pray and hope you start seeing things from a very selfless perspective than criticising others. At the rate you are going, you seem part of the minority that portray Islam in bad taste... Read the rest of what I have to say on the same blog.


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gr8gatsby said...

i am flattered that you dedicated an entire post to me. tho i wish you had taken the time to copy and past the rest of what i said (eg response re: the nigerian archbishop.)

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