Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reasonable But Callous

As I watched Natalie Evans sob her heart out after the pitiless judgement, I couldn’t but also shed tears and weep, for a heart smeared and attacked by such inconsiderate decision. Mr. Howard Johnston, the former partner has his right to refuse to be a father, but I should think that if he would have considered as this is entirely exceptional.

This is a case of a woman whose womb has gone and this is her last chance; and we are talking of a PURE and ONLY LAST chance and nothing left. And thus, I take this as callous and impious on the part of entire decision makers, judges and magistrates and all of them – learned people - who sit on the judgement of this world, would have heeded this poor woman’s wish.

My heart reaches out to her and to all who fall under the dry heartedness of man to achieve a dream that lack alternative means. This is about a child who, with a father or not would still be human, etc. Regardless of what Mr. Johnston thinks about the future and the complications of implication of blood line towards this never-to-be child, - although I dont know his main reason - I think there would have been a way to reach a truce that will forever separate him from and deny that child his legal fatherhood as I think the worst could be about this child growing to lay claim on his wealth, etc.

But at this point, there is no other way unless the miracles of old happen to this woman. I keep hope alive and pray with her always.

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