Friday, March 02, 2007

The God Delusion & Richard Dawkins

From the very first time I set my eyes on Richard Dawkins book: The God Delusion, it has never left my imagination what beautiful thoughts it will be filled with. But the reality is that I have not read it and so don’t know what the hell or bounty it might contain.

Walking into my favourite bookshop, Borders on Oxford Street and catching a glimpse of it, I have scanned through few pages of the book and yea, I was satisfied. I still hope to write my own book of the same sort but it will not be based on science or any such thing – I don’t know yet.

Anyway, at last I had been able to buy my own copy of the book and hopefully, I will read it through soon. Funny enough, I want to read it during the Easter period and possibly outside London.

Having said all the above and how much I think of Dawkins’ book, I must also comment that his approach seem very aggressive having read some review of it and I do not accept his submission that there is no God; there is 'God' – the problem is that 'God' is not exactly as religions has devised, God is rather and simply just that power beyond man’s explanation and expression. Yet one of the thing I so much grasped and love was his suggestion of letting individuals grow from infant to choose their own religion instead of poisoning their mind through a set of belief forced down their immature understanding.

For one like me, I had grown up and checked out religion and came to the conclusion that although my mother made her decision in love, I do not think that I want to live by her choice. Yes, I don’t.

But on a more serious note, I accept the fact that religion unarguably causes a lot of rancour. What I do not understand is why most people refuse to see this.

There are doctrines, beliefs, laws that are good but there are mad ones too from them religion. And for beliefs that lives in its closet of understanding and think others to be foolish or not right, then there is trouble. Like I said in earlier writings, Christianity insists it is the only way to God; so does Islam, and all the lot of them. That is wrong and makes them all madness, they are all intolerant of any outsider and still insist they are righteous – that is arrant nonsense.

So Dawkins’ book is very important on these fronts and I think most of his thoughts are quite right in regards to religion but not entirely right.

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